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Best Trick and Tips Sunset Photography

No one denies that there is a sunset atmosphere most beautiful moments in the world. While the golden sky and the sun will soon set, it makes the evening a very special atmosphere and is well suited to object right one works best for your photography. Here are 10 tricks and tips for sunset photography.

1 – Find the right corner. Looking at other people’s work is an inspiration for your work is not prohibited by anyone, although it most of the photographers find the angle itself to a variety of his work. ePHOTOzine gallery could be one good source.

Do not forget, this year the best year photographing the sunset, where the sun sets at a reasonable hour. Do not let you miss it, because then you have to wait months later for the right moment.

2 – Gear. Tripod is essential to capture the moment of sunset is phenomenal. Why? Because of the small apertures will make a longer exposure time. If you do not use a tripod, be prepared to get a blur and not optimal because the shock.

To choose a tripod, you also can not be arbitrary, and therefore needed a sturdy tripod yet easy to carry. One of the tripods is recommended for your Vanguard’s Alta Pro range, which includes the award-winning Alta Pro 263AT, is ideal as they are light-weight but have such features as spiked feet to keep your tripod fixed and steady. In addition, the product that you will get a feature or the Multi-angel MACC central column, the system provides the facility to the user to move the column to the middle of 0-180 degrees, so you have plenty of options for taking pictures. However, you must choose to either corner where you are going to take. ND Filter maybe can help you enhance your work. The filter, the color of the sky will be brighter, darker colors will ground and the sun is clearly visible. Just try it!

3 – Make a plan. Comes before the sun goes down will allow you to determine where the right angle, giving the weather forecast before sunset, taking pictures of the various changes that have, choose a background as desired and there are many more advantages when you come before their time and do not forget to plan your shoot as well as possible.

4 – Be careful with the sun! Photographing the sunset was very enjoyable, especially when the results are satisfactory, but you must have heard that the sun can damage eyesight, especially when you shoot with long lenses. To capture it safely, wait until the sun is low or medium clouds and pollution. Image is important, but more importantly your vision.

5 – Metering. Your camera meter can focus on the sun and make it something other than the sun dark, to cope, faced the camera to the ground and its exposure lock and shoot the sun was setting.

6 – Turn off automatic white-balance function mode and use the settings so that the cloud or shadow colors more beautiful pictures.

7 – Depth of field. Every detail photo landscape craves the very detailed in every object, then setting a small aperture is the easiest solution available. Thus, can reach the camera sensor due to lack of light, then you should increase the ISO or use a slow shutter speed. To accomplish this you can try the manual settings, use the landscape focus mode and continue to ensure the use of a small aperture to background sharpness.

8 – Horizon vs. Ground. Note the placement of the horizon; do not put it in the middle as it will appear dull. If the soil features more attractive, reduce the proportion of its horizon.

9 – Flash. Use the default flash to clarify the background.

10 – The Sun. There is no rule that says that you can only take pictures of the sun because your focus is the sun. Try to find the corner where you can put a bunch of rocks as part of your picture, or put the sun in the picture because it will be the hallmark of your images.

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