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VIZIO E3D470VX 47-Inch 1080p LCD TV – Black

VIZIO E3D470VX is a television with a size of 47 inches and has a number of features which was not owned by other televisions. By combining the existing system on the computer or laptop with the look of a modern television, the entertainment that can be displayed by the television is becoming more diverse than the general. Coupled with an Internet connection capabilities and a variety of special applications, even more a VIZIO E3D470VX as quality entertainment that can fill the room in your home, as well as close family.

Immersive Theater 3D
No longer need to go to the theater to get good sound quality and actually see everything that is displayed on the inside. This television has all your entertainment needs with a polarized 3D Theater VIZIO. You will enjoy the same crystal-clear, flicker-free 3D you get in the theater, with special glasses that add to the essence of 3D. Therefore, if you decide to buy this television, for free you also get two pairs of special 3D glasses. Lightweight polarized glasses are much lighter and more affordable than a 3D active shutter glasses used with other systems.

Stunning 2D content as well. Full HD 1080p resolution and contrast ratio of 200,000 to a striking Dynamically create each image with exceptional color clarity and contrast, while the ultra-fast 120Hz refresh rate gives smooth, super-sharp saw for fast-action movies and sports.

Internet-Ready Television
With a designed as a television that has the same capacity with the Internet, allowing users to enjoy a number of Internet services similar to a smartphone such as: latest music, weather forecasts, sports scores, streaming video, news and financial updates, social networking applications, online photo gallery , and much more.

VIZIO Internet Apps

VIZIO provides specialized internet service that allows you to connect to the Internet more easily and do not spend the time to wait. E3D470VX It connects wirelessly over a Wi-Fi 802.11n (or through the built-in Ethernet port if you prefer) to your home network. After you set up, you will enjoy access to Internet content like Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, and VUDU to stream TV shows and movies; Pandora Internet Radio to discover new music, your favorite social networking applications like Twitter or Facebook; photo sharing services such as Flickr and Picasa, and the latest news from the Associated Press and The New York Times. With a simple Internet connection, you’ll get all that and even more.

The E3D470VX also ships with an enhanced two-sided remote. Up top you’ll appreciate one-button access to Amazon Instant Video, Netlix, and Vudu. Flip it over and you get a full QWERTY keypad, for easy data-entry, search, or updating those ever-important social network statuses.

USB Media Player

This is one thing that makes the VIZIO E3D470VX different from existing television. This television has two USB ports, allowing you to connect a thumb drive to your TV are loaded with music or photos. MP3 music formats are supported (with the display album art and ID3 tag info, etc.), along with JPG picture.

Optimal Viewing in Any Light

Automatically, this television will adjust the lighting levels based on the surrounding backlight to optimize the level. The result is a balanced picture that will never look too dark or too bright.

Other features that accompany it:

Superior Surround Sound. SRS TruVolume limits volume inconsistencies between programming, saving you from those incredibly loud commercials or smoothing out that action film so you don’t wake the neighbors. SRS TruSurroundHD delivers an immersive surround sound experience marked by clearer dialogue, and more precise bass and high frequency signals.

Four HDMI Ports.
ECO HD. This will saving you money on your utility bills while limiting your carbon footprint.

In conclusion, this is entertainment television is right for spending time with family or friends because of all that is produced on television is a good blend of creativity with technological sophistication.

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