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A Great 3D HDTV Threatening Normal HDTV

As the development of AGE, the people prefer entertainment that is more nuanced and unusual way than the usual entertainment. Now even more advanced technology and the developing world, regular HDTV is becoming obsolete and now people prefer High Definition Television, which is 3D HDTV.

3D HDTV has a big picture resolution and also capable of producing images that appear in three dimensions. For the example viewer will feel butterflies and flower petals flying out from the screen towards him for a very realistic effect.

In fact we all know that 3D video technology isn’t really anything new because decades ago 3D films were popular. But the technology that 3D HDTV is based on is different. A 3D HDTV screen actually displays different images at different angles. That way slightly different image will enter each of the viewer’s eyes and provide the illusion of depth.

The more different angles of an image that the TV displays, the more realistic the three dimensional effect. Creating a TV screen that can display several different angles of the same image at once- while projecting them in different directions- is quite a feat. With only a couple of different angles, the viewer is less likely to catch them while moving and looking at the screen.

The fact that 3D HDTVs are mainly marketed. 3D HDTV extremely expensive at a cost of over twenty thousand dollars to produce. The enthusiasm of early adopters is expected to drive the price down rapidly to the point where they could be widely available and mostly affordable within a few years.

This fascinating technology could make HDTV obsolete just as it seems to be getting off the ground.

And now you should turn on your new 3D HDTV, slide on your active 3D glasses, and watch the images jump off the high definition screen and into your home theater. The extreme speed of the chip, combined with 3D technology, makes it all possible.

Imagine playing a game with characters and objects that appear to surround you. Or immerse yourself in a movie that spills right into your living room. That’s the magic of 3D ready HDTVs. Even when you’re not watching 3D content, you’ll appreciate the high definition quality of your HDTV.

Now feel the sensation a special viewing device to project a television program into a realistic three-dimensional field. Do it now!!

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