People have long waited the development in AIDS healing time after time. There is still no drug to heal AIDS, but the vaccine maybe found out in the species of Rhesus Macaques, the Old World primate. The smart discovery is conducted by leading scientist team of AIDS. The team can discover the more effective vaccine for human against the HIV after worked with the species of rhesus macaques. The monkey can reproduce the RV144, the only vaccine for HIV/AIDS. It is through some tests and trial that the vaccine can reduce the rate of HIV in phase III trial.

A team of scientist leads by Rafick-Pierre Sekaly, PhD, a professor of immunopathogensis that specialized in AIDS for a long time, interested in determining the replacement of alum adjuvant (substance that commonly be found out in non-living vaccine that well known to induce the antibody-mediated immune) with different kind of adjuvant and recapitulating the RV144 trial. The new smart discovery of MF59 can actually decrease the SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus) acquisition and produce the more efficient vaccine for the virus. The MF59 is still tested though it is claimed to be a better stimulant of human body’ immune since the virus in rhesus macaques doesn’t replicate well. Read More