In today’s era of globalization, technology has become commonplace and not a taboo for most societies. Technology is something that must be owned and understood by all ages, especially for adolescents and adults. In fact, children also already understand how to use technology. However, have you ever thought “is my child appropriate in using the technology I have given as a learning facility?”. Of course, it is a scourge for all of you, especially for teenagers under 18 years old. Of course, their patterns of thought and emotion are still very unstable. Keep in mind, that their emotional volatility can lead to things that are not chilling from the use of modern technology that exists today.

A negative influences can have an adverse effect on their future as well. And of course, as a busy parent with a job, it will be difficult to keep an eye on them. What is the solution? When your child is embraced with technology, you should also monitor it with technology as well. Currently there is a sophisticated technology in the form of spy software called mSpy. MSpy is a spy software that allows you to monitor the phones your child uses. You can act like a detective. You can find out what’s inside your child’s mobile phone, just by logging in to your mSpy account. You just need to install mSpy app on your child’s mobile phone, then you can already see the activity that your child do on his phone. Read More