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A Great 3D HDTV Threatening Normal HDTV

As the development of AGE, the people prefer entertainment that is more nuanced and unusual way than the usual entertainment. Now even more advanced technology and the developing world, regular HDTV is becoming obsolete and now people prefer High Definition Television, which is 3D HDTV.

3D HDTV has a big picture resolution and also capable of producing images that appear in three dimensions. For the example viewer will feel butterflies and flower petals flying out from the screen towards him for a very realistic effect.

In fact we all know that 3D video technology isn’t really anything new because decades ago 3D films were popular. But the technology that 3D HDTV is based on is different. A 3D HDTV screen actually displays different images at different angles. That way slightly different image will enter each of the viewer’s eyes and provide the illusion of depth. Read More

VIZIO E3D470VX 47-Inch 1080p LCD TV – Black

VIZIO E3D470VX is a television with a size of 47 inches and has a number of features which was not owned by other televisions. By combining the existing system on the computer or laptop with the look of a modern television, the entertainment that can be displayed by the television is becoming more diverse than the general. Coupled with an Internet connection capabilities and a variety of special applications, even more a VIZIO E3D470VX as quality entertainment that can fill the room in your home, as well as close family.

Immersive Theater 3D
No longer need to go to the theater to get good sound quality and actually see everything that is displayed on the inside. This television has all your entertainment needs with a polarized 3D Theater VIZIO. You will enjoy the same crystal-clear, flicker-free 3D you get in the theater, with special glasses that add to the essence of 3D. Therefore, if you decide to buy this television, for free you also get two pairs of special 3D glasses. Lightweight polarized glasses are much lighter and more affordable than a 3D active shutter glasses used with other systems. Read More