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ARTIFACT_SELECTION returns the selected triggered trials with


function [HDR,A] = artifact_selection(fn,t1,t2)


 ARTIFACT_SELECTION returns the selected triggered trials with 
 artifacts. The length of the trial is defined by t1 and t2 in 

 [HDR] = artifact_selection(filename,[t1,t2])
 [HDR] = artifact_selection(HDR,[t1,t2])
    uses EVENT information in filename or HDR.EVENT. 

 The artifact selection is available in HDR.ArtifactSelection. 
 HDR.ArtifactSelection is vector with the same length than the list
 of trigger points (event 0x0300). A value of 1 indicates an
 artifact, a value of 0 means the trial is free from any artifacts.
 In case the trigger information and the artifact scoring is 
 stored in separate files, the information of several files can be

 [HDR] = artifact_selection({sourcefile,eventfile1,eventfile2,...},[t1,t2])

 All files can be defined by their filename, or by the BIOSIG HDR-struct.
 The header of the first file is merged with the Event information of 
    all other files. 

 see also: TLOAD, SLOAD, SOPEN,


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