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OAHE detectes obstructive Apnea/Hypopnea event


function [Y0,EVENT] = OAHE(S,Fs)


 OAHE detectes obstructive Apnea/Hypopnea event

    [Y,EVENT] = OAHE(X,Fs)
    [Y,EVENT] = OAHE(filename,CHAN)

       X   respiratory channel
       Fs  sampleing rate
       filename        source filename 
       CHAN            respiratory channels for calculating OAHE

       Y       detection trace
       EVENT   event structure as used in BIOSIG  

 The following commands store the events in an EVENT-file, which can
 be visualized with SVIEWER
       HDR.FileName = 'filename.evt';
       HDR.EVENT = EVENT; 
       HDR.TYPE = 'EVENT'
       HDR=sopen(HDR,'w'); HDR=sclose(HDR);

 see also: SVIEWER, SLOAD

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