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 ContentsBIOSIG/T400 contains classifiers.
 classifyCLASSIFY classifies sample data into categories
 decovmdecompose extended covariance matrix into mean (mu),
 ecovmECOVM produces an extended Covariance matrix,
 fc0FC finds a classifier for asnychroneous data
 getclassifierGETCLASSIFIER yields the classifier from labeled data
 permPERM gives a vector containing all possible sums of two vectors
 test_scTEST_SC: apply statistical and SVM classifier to test data
 train_lda_sparseLinear Discriminant Analysis for the Small Sample Size Problem as described in
 train_scTrain a (statistical) classifier
 untrain_scUnTrain - decrementaal learning (untraining) of classifier
 xvalXVAL is used for crossvalidation

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