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Matlab files in this directory:

 ContentsBIOSIG/T490 contains optimization criteria
 DavisBouldinIndexDavis-Bouldin-Index is a Cluster separation index (CSI)
 aucAUC calculates Area-under-ROC curve
 bci3evalBCI3eval evaluations a BCI-result as suggested in [1,2].
 bci4evalBCI4eval evaluates a BCI-result for two and more classes
 criteria2005IIIbcriteria2005IIIb evalates the criterium according the
 criteria4asyncbciCRITERIA4ASYNCBCI provides an evaluation criterion of asychronous BCI.
 criteria4momentarybciCRITERIA4MOMENTARYBCI evaluates the output of momentary self-paced BCI
 kappaKAPPA estimates Cohen's kappa coefficient
 mutinfoMUTINFO mutual information
 ocoOCO - evaluates online classification output
 qcmahalQuality check of multiple discriminator classifier
 rocROC receiver operator curve and derived statistics.
 wolpaw_entropyWOLPAWENTROPY calculates the Mutual Information according to [1]

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