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Purpose: create 'physical' locations from neoroscan-data


function [loc_phys,names]=locphys2locphys(loc_phys_in);


 Purpose: create 'physical' locations from neoroscan-data

 usage: [loc_phys,names]=loc2locphys(fn,ind_phys,loctype)

 output: loc_phys  nX5 matrix; each row contains information 
                   about a physical electrode in the form 
                   [channelnumber x_coord y_coord x'_coord y'_coord]
                   the primed coordinates  differ from the 
                   non-primed coordinates if loctype is set to 1. 
                   Then the primed coordinates are slightly shifted to 
                    avoid overlapping subplots in plots with subplots 
                    placed on electrode locations. 
           names  list of channel names

 input: fn    filename of neurocan-file with electrode locations and names
        ind_phys  row-vector of indices which are regarded as 'physical'
                   i.e. electrodes on the scalp
                  (e.g. if we have 64 channels and channels 31,32,61,62,63,64 
                   do not refer to electrodes on the scalp, then 
        loctype    if set to 1:    calculate modified coordinates for plotting purposes 
                   any other value: set the shifted locations to the original 

  $Id: locphys2locphys.m,v 1.1 2007/02/05 16:26:25 schloegl Exp $ 
  Copyright (C) 2003,2004 Guido Nolte
  Adapted by Alois Schloegl 
  This function is part of the BioSig project


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