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usage plot_coherence(data,locs,pars);


function plot_coherence(data,locs,pars);


 usage plot_coherence(data,locs,pars);
 makes head-in-head plots
 data is an NxN matrix where N is the number of channels
 locs is (ideally) an Nx5 matrix:
      1st column: a channel i gets a circle only if locs(i,1)>.5 
                  if locs is an Mx5 matrix with M<N
                  the absolute values of the first column 
                  are interpreted as indices of scalp-electrodes.
                  If the values themselves are smaller than 0 then
                  these electrodes are only included within each 
                  small circle but do not correspond to a small circle itself.
      2nd and 3rd column: x,y coordinates of electrodes in 2D
      4th and 5th column: x,y coordinates of centers of spheres
                          slight deformation of electrode locations 
                          to avoid overlapping spheres
      if locs is Nx2, the 2 columns are interpreted as x,y coordinates 
      for both electrodes and circle-centers. 
      if locs is Nx3, the 2nd and 3rd column are interpreted as x,y coordinates 
      for both electrodes and sphere-centers. The first as interpreted as for 
      5xN case.
 pars sets parameters; 
      pars.scale sets color-scale; it is a 1x2 vector denoting min 
                 and max of colorbar. defaults is  pars.scale=[-max(max(abs(data))),max(max(abs(data)))];
      pars.resolution sets resolution. Default is pars.resolution=25
                      Increasing it makes better pictures but is slower
      pars.global_size  sets global size factor of small circles and distancec between circles.                   
                        default: global_size=1
      pars.relative_size  sets size factor for distances leaving circle-size unchanged                   
                        default: relative_size=1
      pars.head_up    moves the big circle (the head) up. Default: head_up=0
      pars.head_right    moves the big circle (the head) to the right. Default: head_right=0


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