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function sig_op=golombdeco(code,m)


% -*- texinfo -*-
% @deftypefn {Function File} {} golombdeco (@var{code}, @var{m})
% Returns the Golomb decoded signal vector using @var{code} and @var{m}. 
% Compulsory m is need to be specified. A restrictions is that a
% signal set must strictly be non-negative. The value of code
% is a cell array of row-vectors which have the  encoded golomb value
% for a single sample. The Golomb algorithm is,
%  used to encode the 'code' and only that can be meaningfully 
% decoded. @var{code} is assumed to have been of format generated
% by the function @code{golombenco}. Also the parameter @var{m} need to
% be a non-zero number, unless which it makes divide-by-zero errors.
% This function works backward the Golomb algorithm see
% @code{golombenco} for more detials on that.
% Reference: Solomon Golomb, Run length Encodings, 1966 IEEE Trans Info' Theory
% An exmaple of the use of @code{golombdeco} is
% @example
% @group
%   golombdeco(golombenco(1:4,2),2)
% @end group
% @end example
% @end deftypefn
% @seealso{golombenco}


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