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% Change the program or function used for viewing images and return the


function [ocmd, ofcn, ozoom] = image_viewer (cmd, fcn, zoom)


% -*- texinfo -*-
% @deftypefn {Function File} {[@var{fcn}, @var{default_zoom}] =} image_viewer (@var{fcn}, @var{default_zoom})
% Change the program or function used for viewing images and return the
% previous values.
% When the @code{image} or @code{imshow} function is called it will
% launch an external program to display the image.  The default behavior
% is to use gnuplot if the installed version supports image viewing,
% and otherwise try the programs @code{display}, @code{xv}, and
% @code{xloadimage}.  Using this function it is possible to change that
% behavior.
% When called with one input argument images will be displayed by saving
% the image to a file and the system command @var{command} will be called
% to view the image.  The @var{command} must be a string containing
% @code{%s} and possibly @code{%f}.  The @code{%s} will be replaced by
% the filename of the image, and the @code{%f} will (if present) be
% replaced by the zoom factor given to the @code{image} function.
% For example,
% @example
% image_viewer ('eog %s');
% @end example
% changes the image viewer to the @code{eog} program.
% With two input arguments, images will be displayed by calling
% the function @var{function_handle}.  For example,
% @example
% image_viewer (data, @@my_image_viewer);
% @end example
% sets the image viewer function to @code{my_image_viewer}.  The image
% viewer function is called with
% @example
% my_image_viewer (@var{x}, @var{y}, @var{im}, @var{zoom}, @var{data})
% @end example
% where @var{x} and @var{y} are the axis of the image, @var{im} is the image
% variable, and @var{data} is extra user-supplied data to be passed to
% the viewer function.
% With three input arguments it is possible to change the zooming.
% Some programs (like @code{xloadimage}) require the zoom factor to be
% between 0 and 100, and not 0 and 1 like Octave assumes.  This is
% solved by setting the third argument to 100.
% @seealso{image, imshow}
% @end deftypefn


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