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% Two dimensional ordered filtering.


function retval = ordfilt2(A, nth, domain, varargin)


% -*- texinfo -*-
% @deftypefn {Function File} {} ordfilt2(@var{A}, @var{nth}, @var{domain}, [@var{S}, @var{padding}])
% Two dimensional ordered filtering.
% Ordered filter replaces an element of @var{A} with the @var{nth} 
% element of the sorted set of neighbours defined by the logical 
% (boolean) matrix @var{domain}.
% Neighbour elements are selected to the sort if the corresponding 
% element in the @var{domain} matrix is true.
% The optional variable @var{S} is a matrix of size(@var{domain}). 
% Values of @var{S} corresponding to nonzero values of domain are 
% added to values obtained from @var{A} when doing the sorting.
% Optional variable @var{padding} determines how the matrix @var{A} 
% is padded from the edges. See impad for details.
% @seealso{medfilt2}
% @end deftypefn


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