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% Save the matrix @var{x} to @var{file} in image format @var{fmt}. Valid


function saveimage (filename, img, img_form, map)


% -*- texinfo -*-
% @deftypefn {Function File} {} saveimage (@var{file}, @var{x}, @var{fmt}, @var{map})
% Save the matrix @var{x} to @var{file} in image format @var{fmt}.  Valid
% values for @var{fmt} are
% @table @code
% @item 'img'
% Octave's image format.  The current colormap is also saved in the file.
% @item 'ppm'
% Portable pixmap format.
% @item 'ps'
% PostScript format.  Note that images saved in PostScript format cannot
% be read back into Octave with loadimage.
% @end table
% If the fourth argument is supplied, the specified colormap will also be
% saved along with the image.
% Note: if the colormap contains only two entries and these entries are
% black and white, the bitmap ppm and PostScript formats are used.  If the
% image is a gray scale image (the entries within each row of the colormap
% are equal) the gray scale ppm and PostScript image formats are used,
% otherwise the full color formats are used.
% @seealso{loadimage, save, load, colormap}
% @end deftypefn


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