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function [cw_list,prob_list]=tunstallcode(prob_list)


% -*- texinfo -*-
% @deftypefn {Function File} {@var{code_dictionary} =} tunstallcode (@var{probability_list})
% Implementation of a @code{|A|}-bit tunstall coder given the source 
% probability of the @code{|A|} symbols from the source with @code{2^|A|} 
% code-words involved. The variable @var{probability_list} ordering of 
% symbols is preserved in the output symbol/code dictionary.
% Tunstall code is a variable to fixed source coding scheme,
% and the arrangement of the codeword list order corrseponds to
% to the regular tunstall code ordering of the variable source 
% word list, and the codes for each of them are enumerations 
% from @code{1:2^N}. Return only the ordering (grouping) of source symbols
% as their index of match is the corresponding code word. The
% probabilites of the various symbols are also stored in here.
% for example
% @example
%   [cw_list, prob_list] = tunstallcode([0.6 .3 0.1]) 
% @end example
% essentially you will use the cw_list to parse the input
% and then compute the code as the binary value of their index
% of match, since it is a variable to fixed code.
% Reference: 'Synthesis of noiseless compression codes', Ph.D. Thesis
%             of B.P. Tunstall, Georgia Tech, Sept 1967
% @end deftypefn


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