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function [bp,wf]=crule(m)


error:  [bp,wf]=crule(m)
  This function computes Gauss-Chebyshev base points and weight factors
  using the algorithm given by somebody in 'SomeBook',
  page 365, Academic Press, 1975, but modified by a change
  in index variables:  j=i+1 and m=n+1.
  The weights are all wf_j=pi/m
  and the base points are bp_j=cos((2j-1)*pi/2/m)

  m -- number of Gauss-Chebyshev points (integrates a (2m-1)th order
       polynomial exactly)

  The Gauss-Chebyshev Quadrature integrates an integral of the form
     1                         m
  Int ((1/sqrt(1-z^2)) f(z)) dz  =  pi/m Sum  (f(cos((2j-1)*pi/2/m)))
    -1                        j=1
  For compatability with the other Gauss Quadrature routines, I brought
  the weight factor into the summation as
     1                     m
  Int ((1/sqrt(1-z^2)) f(z)) dz  =   Sum  (pi/m * f(cos((2j-1)*pi/2/m)))
    -1                    j=1


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