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function vol = gquad6(fun,xlow,xhigh,ylow,yhigh)


error:  vol = gquad6(fun,xlow,xhigh,ylow,yhigh)

   ==== Six Point by Six Point Double Integral Gauss Formula ====

  This function determines the volume under an externally
  defined function fun(x,y) between limits xlow and xhigh and
  ylow and yhigh. The numerical integration is performed using 
  a gauss integration rule.  The integration is done with a 
  six point Gauss formula which involves base
  points bpx, bpy and weight factors wfxy.  The normalized interval
  of integration for the bp and wf constants is -1 to +1 (in x) and
  -1 to 1 (in y).  The algorithm is structured in terms of a 
  parameter nquad = 6 which can be changed to accommodate a different
  order formula.


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