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 bicg% Solve the system @var{A}*@var{x} = @var{b} using the biconjugate gradient method.
 commutation_matrix% Return the commutation matrix
 cond% Compute the @var{p}-norm condition number of a matrix. @code{cond (@var{a})} is
 condeig% Compute condition numbers of the eigenvalues of a matrix. The
 cross% Compute the vector cross product of two 3-dimensional vectors
 dot% Computes the dot product of two vectors. If @var{x} and @var{y}
 duplication_matrix% Return the duplication matrix
 expm% Return the exponential of a matrix, defined as the infinite Taylor
 funm% funm: Matrix equivalent of function 'name'
 housh% Compute Householder reflection vector @var{housv} to reflect @var{x}
 krylov% Construct an orthogonal basis @var{u} of block Krylov subspace
 krylovb% See @code{krylov}.
 logm% Compute the matrix logarithm of the square matrix @var{a}. Note that
 null% Return an orthonormal basis of the null space of @var{a}.
 orth% Return an orthonormal basis of the range space of @var{a}.
 planerot% Given a two-element column vector, returns the
 qzhess% Compute the Hessenberg-triangular decomposition of the matrix pencil
 rank% Compute the rank of @var{a}, using the singular value decomposition.
 smwsolve% Solves the square system @code{(A + U*V')*X == B}, where @var{u} and @var{v} are
 subspace% Determine the largest principal angle between two subspaces
 test_gsvd% a few tests for gsvd.m
 thfmUSAGE y = thfm ( x, MODE )
 trace% Compute the trace of @var{a}, @code{sum (diag (@var{a}))}.
 vec% Return the vector obtained by stacking the columns of the matrix @var{x}
 vech% Return the vector obtained by eliminating all supradiagonal elements of

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