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EXISTFILE Check for file existence.


function res = existfile(fileName)


EXISTFILE  Check for file existence.
      RES = EXISTFILE(FILENAME) returns true if the file FILENAME is existing
      on the current path and false otherwise. It works similar to
      EXIST(FILENAME, 'file'), except that it does not find files on the
      Matlab path~

        The function is realized as a mex function (existfile.c). To compile the mex-function, move to the directory where
   file existfile.c is located and type
          mex existfile.c

        If this is the first time you run function MEX on your system, you
        might have to select a compiler by typing

          mex -setup

        If the mex-file (e.g. existfile.mexw32 or existfile.mexglx) is not
        existing, a (very slow) MATLAB realization is called instead.

        Markus Buehren
        Last modified 13.11.2007
   See also EXIST.


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