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% error: gpc_plot (polygon [, format [, type]])


function gpc_plot (p, f, t)


% error: gpc_plot (polygon [, format [, type]])
% The first argument must be a gpc_polygon object.  Its contours will
% be plotted with intervening hold on.  The plot will be left in a
% holded on state after call to gpc_plot.
% If a second argument is provided, it is interpreted as the plotting
% style.  See the documentation for the plot command for q description
% of possible styles.
% The third optional parameter, if set to 1, indicates that POLYGON is
% of type tristrip, instead of a regular gpc_polygon.  See the
% documentation for gpc_tristrip for more details.
% See also: gpc_create, plot, gpc_tristrip


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