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% Density plot for given matrices @var{x}, and @var{y} from @code{meshgrid} and


function h = pcolor (x, y, c)


% -*- texinfo -*-
% @deftypefn {Function File} {} pcolor (@var{x}, @var{y}, @var{c})
% @deftypefnx {Function File} {} pcolor (@var{c})
% Density plot for given matrices @var{x}, and @var{y} from @code{meshgrid} and
% a matrix @var{c} corresponding to the @var{x} and @var{y} coordinates of
% the mesh's vertices.  If @var{x} and @var{y} are vectors, then a typical vertex
% is (@var{x}(j), @var{y}(i), @var{c}(i,j)).  Thus, columns of @var{c}
% correspond to different @var{x} values and rows of @var{c} correspond
% to different @var{y} values.
% The @code{colormap} is scaled to the extents of @var{c}.
% Limits may be placed on the color axis by the
% command @code{caxis}, or by setting the @code{clim} property of the
% parent axis.
% The face color of each cell of the mesh is determined by interpolating
% the values of @var{c} for the cell's vertices.  Contrast this with 
% @code{imagesc} which renders one cell for each element of @var{c}.
% @code{shading} modifies an attribute determining the manner by which the
% face color of each cell is interpolated from the values of @var{c},
% and the visibility of the cells' edges.  By default the attribute is
% 'faceted', which renders a single color for each cell's face with the edge
% visible.
% @var{h} is the handle to the surface object.
% @seealso{caxis, contour, meshgrid, imagesc, shading}
% @end deftypefn


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