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Matlab files in this directory:

 compan% Compute the companion matrix corresponding to polynomial coefficient
 conv% Convolve two vectors.
 convn% @math{N}-dimensional convolution of matrices @var{a} and @var{b}.
 deconv% Deconvolve two vectors.
 mpoles% Identify unique poles in @var{p} and associates their multiplicity,
 poly% If @var{a} is a square @math{N}-by-@math{N} matrix, @code{poly (@var{a})}
 polyaffine% Return the coefficients of the polynomial whose coefficients are given by
 polyder% See polyderiv.
 polyderiv% Return the coefficients of the derivative of the polynomial whose
 polyfit% Return the coefficients of a polynomial @var{p}(@var{x}) of degree
 polyint% Return the coefficients of the integral of the polynomial whose
 polyout% Write formatted polynomial
 polyreduce% Reduces a polynomial coefficient vector to a minimum number of terms by
 polyval% Evaluate the polynomial at of the specified values for @var{x}. When @var{mu}
 polyvalm% Evaluate a polynomial in the matrix sense.
 ppval% Evaluate piece-wise polynomial @var{pp} at the points @var{xi}.
 residue% Compute the partial fraction expansion for the quotient of the

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