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Matlab files in this directory:

 demoquat% Demonstrate the functions available for manipulating quaternions.
 qconj% Conjugate of a quaternion.
 qcoordinate_plot% Plot in the current figure a set of coordinate axes as viewed from
 qderiv% Derivative of a quaternion.
 qderivmat% Derivative of a quaternion.
 qinv% Return the inverse of a quaternion.
 qmult% Multiply two quaternions.
 qtrans% Transform the unit quaternion @var{v} by the unit quaternion @var{q}.
 qtransv% Transform the 3-D vector @var{v} by the unit quaternion @var{q}.
 qtransvmat% Construct a 3x3 transformation matrix from quaternion @var{qib} that
 quaternion% Construct or extract a quaternion

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