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% Usage: qp_kaiser (nb, at, linear)


function h = qp_kaiser (nb, at, linear)


% Usage:  qp_kaiser (nb, at, linear)
% Computes a finite impulse response (FIR) filter for use with a
% quasi-perfect reconstruction polyphase-network filter bank. This
% version utilizes a Kaiser window to shape the frequency response of
% the designed filter. Tha number nb of bands and the desired
% attenuation at in the stop-band are given as parameters.
% The Kaiser window is multiplied by the ideal impulse response
% h(n)=a.sinc(a.n) and converted to its minimum-phase version by means
% of a Hilbert transform.
% By using a third non-null argument, the minimum-phase calculation is
% ommited at all.


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