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% error: lambertw(z) or lambertw(n,z)


function w = lambertw(b,z)


% error: lambertw(z) or lambertw(n,z)
% Compute the Lambert W function of z.  This function satisfies
% W(z).*exp(W(z)) = z, and can thus be used to express solutions
% of transcendental equations involving exponentials or logarithms.
% n must be integer, and specifies the branch of W to be computed;
% W(z) is a shorthand for W(0,z), the principal branch.  Branches
% 0 and -1 are the only ones that can take on non-complex values.
% If either n or z are non-scalar, the function is mapped to each
% element; both may be non-scalar provided their dimensions agree.
% This implementation should return values within 2.5*eps of its
% counterpart in Maple V, release 3 or later.  Please report any
% discrepancies to the author, Nici Schraudolph <schraudo@inf.ethz.ch>.
% For further details, see:
% Corless, Gonnet, Hare, Jeffrey, and Knuth (1996), 'On the Lambert
% W Function', Advances in Computational Mathematics 5(4):329-359.


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