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% Displays a selection scale (range widget) window.


function output = zenity_scale(title,text, value, minval, maxval, step, print_partial, hideval)


% -*- texinfo -*-
% @deftypefn  {Function File} @var{output} = zenity_scale(@var{title},@var{text}, @var{value}, @var{minval}, @var{maxval},@var{step},@var{print_partial},@var{hideval})
% Displays a selection scale (range widget) window.
% Allows the user to choose a parameter within the set ranges, and sets
% default value, and step sizes.
% The variable @var{title} sets the title of the window.
% The variable @var{text} sets the label of the range widget.
% The other arguments @var{value}, @var{minval},@var{maxval},
% @var{step}, @var{print_partial}, and @var{hideval}.
% The range widget can be used to select anywhere from @var{minval} to
% @var{maxval} values in increments of @var{step}. The variable
% @var{print_partial} and @var{hideval} are boolean flags to partial
% and hidden views of the value on the range widget.
% The first 3 parameters are essential, while the remaining parameters
% @var{minval}, @var{maxval},@var{step},@var{print_partial},@var{hideval} if
% not specified take on default values of 0,100,1,false,false
% respectively.
% @seealso{zenity_list, zenity_progress, zenity_entry, zenity_message,
% zenity_text_info, zenity_file_selection, zenity_notification}
% @end deftypefn


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